Unleash the Potential of Predictive Maintenance in a Connected World

Introducing a revolutionary approach, merging IoT technology and planned maintenance best practices.

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IoT Platform

Collect, store, analyze, and act upon data from IoT devices

Planned Maintenance

Streamline and automate maintenance processes.

Machine Learning & AI

Autonomous management of production and business processes.

Is your business stuck in Reactive maintenance mode?

Lack of Visibility icon
Lack of Visibility

Lack of visibility into equipment usage and conditions.

Limited Data icon
Limited Data

Limited data for improving equipment performance.

Long Downtime icon
Long Downtime

Downtime during equipment repairs impacting production and revenue.

Inefficient energy use icon
Inefficient energy use

Increased operational expenses, maintenance costs and larger carbon footprint.

No Foresight icon
No Foresight

Inadequate preparation for potential risks, resulting in crisis situations.

Bad Customer Experience  icon
Bad Customer Experience

Unexpected equipment breakdowns disrupt your clients' operations.

Bad Customer Experience  icon
Lost Opportunity Costs

Missed business opportunities due to equipment failures.

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There is a better way

Digital Installed Base

Leverage the powerful combination of IoT devices and planned maintenance software, enabled by cloud technology.

Real-time Insight icon
Real-time Insight

Awareness of equipment usage and conditions.

Real-time Insight image
Planned Service icon
Planned Service

Proactive service processes to anticipate potential issues

Planned Service image
Optimized Equipment Performance icon
Optimized Equipment Performance

Maximized productivity due to reducing potential risks.

Environmental Sustainability and Cost Savings icon
Environmental Sustainability and Cost Savings

Longer lifespans of machinery and equipment, positive environmental impact and increased overall profitability.

Utilized Opportunities icon
Utilized Opportunities

Availability for new business prospects.

Optimal Downtime icon
Optimal Downtime

Preventive service for minimized downtime.

Optimal Downtime image

Gain the ability to eliminate issues before they even arise.

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DIBase is an unified platform that lets Engineers, Managers and Developers collaboratively address tasks with ease.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventing equipment breakdowns and unexpected down times
machine icon

A machine works OK but at higher than usual temperature

IoT icon

IoT device picks up on that and sends report.

manager icon

Manager schedules a proactive service.

ticket icon

Ticket for the task is created.

mechanic icon

A mechanic picks the task and does the job.

Service icon

The machine is serviced with minimal downtime.

Energy Production Optimisation

Reducing losses by helping you keep all systems in optimal condition
generator icon

Power generation in a solar panel system is lowering due to a damaged panel.

IoT icon

IoT device identifies in which section of the field the damaged panel is located.

manager icon

Manager schedules a service task with exact location

ticket icon

Ticket for the task is created.

mechanic icon

A mechanic picks the task and does the job.

solar panel icon

The solar panel field’s energy generation is back to normal.

Energy icon

Energy Management Solution for a Greener Future

Thanks to the Industrial systems and Automation that we provide you can have more effective energy management.

This proactive approach aligns operations with data-driven insights gathered from energy consumption and other environmental data.

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Maintenance processes can be proactive and data-driven. Benefit from streamlined operations, reduced downtime, and maximized equipment performance, ultimately leading to increased productivity and cost savings for businesses across various industries.

IoT icon
Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT (Internet of Things) is the interconnection of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies, which allows them to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. IoT platforms are instrumental for organizations in diverse sectors to enhance efficiency in the successful deployment and management of IoT applications and devices.

Machine Learning & AI icon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of processes to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. When combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Planned maintenance software, AI has the potential to revolutionize maintenance operations. IoT devices provide real-time data from various equipment and assets, and AI algorithms can identify anomalies and patterns in the data, allowing for predictive maintenance that minimizes downtime and reduces operational costs.

Task Management icon
Task Management

Task management software is a digital tool designed to facilitate the planning, execution, tracking, and management of tasks. It streamlines collaboration, enhances productivity, and ensures that assignments are completed efficiently and on schedule. When integrated with IoT and planned maintenance software, task management software can extend its capabilities to include maintenance tasks. IoT sensors provide real-time data on equipment condition and usage, which can automatically trigger maintenance tasks within the software.

Cloud Technologies icon
Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies allow businesses to scale and use tech resources as needed. The Cloud provides a scalable and cost-effective means of storing, processing, and making data accessible for analysis and action. Businesses can achieve greater agility and efficiency in their maintenance operations while reducing infrastructure costs. When integrated with an IoT platform and Planned maintenance software, cloud technologies play a crucial role in enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and storage. This integration enhances remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and access to historical data for informed decision-making.

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About the team

DIBase's development was a collaborative effort, uniting a diverse team of skilled technical professionals, business analysts, and experienced developers. This innovative solution adds substantial value to our customers and redefines the execution of Planned maintenance and IoT.


We are a tech agency with 15 years of specialized experience. We provide comprehensive IT solutions for various business needs, covering areas like customer engagement, e-commerce, ERP, IoT, and Cloud services. We're here to optimize and enhance your digital presence.

How the idea was born

Through our extensive collaborations with clients, we've observed the growing need for more effective equipment and machinery maintenance. This encompasses both their internal assets and the equipment they service post-sale. In response, we started working on an innovative solution that marries a versatile, universal IoT platform compatible with a wide array of devices, robust AI/ML analysis, and essential business tools.

Our mission is your success

With DIBase our mission revolves around equipping Smart Factories with the ability to make autonomous, data-driven decisions. We aim to elevate their role and significance as they gear up for Industry 4.0 readiness. This transformative approach ensures that Smart Factories become not just adept at adapting to the future, but instrumental in shaping it.

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